4-Point Inspection: ELECTRICAL

In order for the electrical portion of a 4-point inspection to be deemed favorable, the electrical system must be sufficient for use for the size of the home and the entire electrical system must be grounded. A photo of the electrical panel with the door open is often included in the 4-point inspection.

The following wiring/components are unacceptable and may result in an unfavorable 4-point inspection:

·     Aluminum branch wiring: Aluminum wiring used only to service the home and/or used only for major appliances may be accepted; however, the 4-point inspection would need to confirm this.

·     Knob and tube wiring

·     Cloth sheath wiring

·     Fuses, fuse box, or pull-type fuses

·     Double-tapped breaker : Two wires connected to a single breaker

The following electrical boxes are also considered ineligible:

·     Federal Pacific/Stab-Lok electrical panels: The white and black (mapping) box image on the inside of the panel or brown paper labels are indicators that the panel is a Federal Pacific/Stab-Lok electrical panel

·     Zinsco/Sylvania electrical panels: The breakers are typically colored light blue, light green and red in a Zinsco/Sylvanie electrical panels and they often have a branding sticker

If the 4-point inspection indicates that the electrical system does not meet code, the electrical system may still be acceptable for some insurance carriers depending on the reason why it is not to  code. If the 4-point inspection does not indicate why the system does not meet code, further information will likely be requested. The system may be acceptable if the reason is because the home does not include AFCIS (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters) or GFIs (Ground Fault Interrupters). However, if the reason the system is not to code is because the system components are not properly installed, the system is not grounded or there is another exposure that increases the likelihood of loss, the system may not be accepted by many insurance carriers.

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