4-Point Inspection: HEATING/COOLING (HVAC)

In order for the heating and cooling (HVAC) portion of a 4-point inspection to be deemed favorable by most insurance carriers, the home must have central heat and cooling and the system must be sufficient for use for the size of the home. Additionally, the system must run on electricity or gas.

The following are eligible heating and cooling systems:

·         A/C unit or heat pump

·         Air handler

·         Wall or window A/C unit (if not permanently installed as the  primary source of cooling)

The following are ineligible heating and cooling systems:

·         Wall or window A/C unit  (if  used as the primary source of cooling)

·         Homes utilizing space heaters, fireplaces, or wood/coal burning stoves as their primary source of heat

·         Furnaces which utilize oil for fuel


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  1. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to look into getting the AC unit looked at. It does seem like I should also look into if I need to get my ducts cleaned. That does seem like something I should get a professional to do. It might also be smart for me to get a professional to do an inspection of my HVAC system for me.

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