4-Point Inspection: ROOF

The roof portion of a 4-point inspection takes the following into consideration:

The age of the roof

The age of the roof that may be accepted by an insurance carrier is dependent on the material and the condition of the roof

The life expectancy of the roof

Should have 5 or more years of life remaining

The general condition of the roof

The shape of the roof

Some insurance companies will not insure homes with flat roofs

Some roof shapes (i.e. hip roofs) may qualify for a discount

The type of materials used

Eligible roof materials: Standard or architectural shingles, steel/metal, tile, slate

Roof materials that MAY be ineligible: Rolled shingles (rolled roofing), modified bitumen membrane, built-up (tar &gravel), rubber, tin, wood shake

Signs of damage (including signs of vermin entry)

Overhead obstructions (such as trees)

The roof covering must be in acceptable condition and not show signs of missing pieces, excessive wear, curling, bulging, leaking or sagging. Updates must have been completed as necessary.  Some common roof conditions include:

Lifting/curling shingles, wrapped/wavy shingles,  deteriorating or missing shingles

Damaged/broken tiles

Patched roofing

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