5 Reasons to contact your insurance agent

1) You recently married

If you have tied the knot recently it may be worth while to contact your insurance agent, as premium rates are often lower for married couples. Additionally, by combining your insurance, you can often qualify for discounts such as multi-car and multi-policy.

2) You now have a teenage driver

Contact your agent to make sure you are properly insured and getting the best rate for your coverage. In addition, if your high school or college age child/children has at least a 3.0 or “B” average, they may be able to qualify for a Good Student Discount.

3) You have remodeled your home

If you have added additional structures such as a pool, shed, detached garage, etc. you should contact your homeowners insurance agent to adjust your coverage to adequately provide for these additions. Also, if you have remodeled your home in any significant manner (i.e. kitchen remodel, converting to wood floors, etc.) you may want to talk with your agent about whether or not it would be wise to increase the dwelling coverage on your policy.

4) You are considering purchasing a second home 

Fortunately, by insuring a second home with your current homeowners insurance carrier, you may qualify for a discount. However, do your homework before buying and ask your agent for quotes prior to making a purchase. Often, secondary homes serve as vacation homes and may be located on the waterfront. Insuring a waterfront property may mean you have limited options when it comes to insurance companies, and/or your rates may be far more costly than you expect. Additionally, vacation homes require a different type of coverage, as they are typically vacant for extended periods of time.

5) You have acquired valuable personal property

Your standard homeowenrs insurance policy limits the amount of coverage on certain types of personal property, and does not typically cover loss. Consider insuring items of significant value seperatley, such as jewlery, electronics, musical instruments, guns, artwork, etc.