Auto Insurance Apps for your Smartphone

In a recent blog we shared details about some great smartphone applications (“app”) for homeowners including a home inventory app and a home security app.  In the event that you have to file a home insurance claim these apps can be extremely helpful.

In the unfortunate event that you have to file an automobile insurance claim, there are also beneficial smartphone apps to assist.  If you are involved in an automobile accident it is important to collect necessary information to file the most accurate claim as possible. This can be extremely difficult to do, as many individuals are unprepared to collect this type of information.

Multiple smartphone applications have been created to assist with this process. Some of these applications include, but are not limited to: iwrecked, C.A.R. – Car Accident Report, and Accident Wizard.

These are just a few of the auto accident apps available. Keep in mind some of these applications are only available for certain smartphones. The above mentioned apps are relatively similar and perform many of the same functions. Some of these functions include:

     Collecting and store necessary information including vehicle information, location details, information about people involved in the wreck, and some apps even offer voice recording features to accumulate witness information.

     Storage of images is also permitted by all of the above listed apps and most also allow for video recordings to be saved as well.

     Location details for most smart phones are automatically generated by GPS on phones or through other map applications, such as Google Maps.

     Some of the above apps also offer instant on-the-scene- live assistance, allow for the user to call 911 at the press of a button and the programming of additional call buttons to make direct calls to important contacts, such as the  insurance company.

     Most of these apps also assist in the generation of complete detailed reports using the above listed documentation that was retrieved at the scene of the accident.

Although we wish that you do not have to use these apps, we do hope that in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an automobile accident that this information has educated you on the tools available to assist in making the situation more manageable.