Changes to Florida Blue Pharmacies

Florida Blue recently announced its move from using CVS pharmacies and CVS-owned pharmacies to Walgreens.  Starting January 1, 2017 for some individuals under 65 and small group ACA members will no longer be able to fill prescriptions through CVS. For others this will not become effective until April 1, 2017. Members must transfer their prescriptions before this time and will be able to fill prescriptions at several different pharmacies. You can find all pharmacies on the Florida Blue website under the “Find a Doctor” section.

Changes for members include (You can figure out your plan type by looking at the top of your insurance card):

  • BlueOptions and BlueCare members will use the new BlueBasic Rx network and can go to current pharmacies, just not CVS.
  • BlueSelect members will use the new BlueBasic Rx network and will be able to go to Walgreens but not CVS.
  • myBlue members will continue to use the ValueScript Rx pharmacy network, but it will be exclusively Walgreens, replacing CVS.

Other changes occurring:

  • Members over 65 will still be able to use CVS, but CVS will no longer be a preferred pharmacy and the cost will be higher at CVS for prescriptions.
  • Members can still use CVS MinuteClinics, however, they cannot fill their prescriptions at CVS during the visit. There is the option of using the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic where prescriptions can be filled during the visit.

You should be receiving more information from Florida Blue, but feel free to call us with any questions, (352) 371-7977.