Get to know Austin Williams

Get to know McGriff-Williams Personal Insurance Advisor, Austin Williams

Favorite book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne

Favorite quote: “This is the sort of person a truly wise man has to be. He will never do anything he might regret – or anything he does not want to do. Every action he performs will always be dignified, consistent, serious, upright. He will not succumb to the belief that this or that future event …is predestined to happen; and no event, therefore, will cause him surprise, or strike him as unexpected or strange. WHATEVER COMES UP, HE WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY HIS OWN STANDARDS; AND WHEN HE HAS MADE A DECISION, HE WILL ABIDE BY IT. A happier condition than that I am unable to conceive”- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Comfort Food: It’s a toss up between BBQ and pizza.

If you were stranded on an island and could bring only one (non-electronic) item  what would it be: Without a doubt, my fishing pole.

What is an item on your “bucket list?” I would love to visit New Zealand – No particular reason other than it looks beautiful and relaxing!

Complete the following sentence: “Ten years from now I hope to be happy and healthy”

What is your favorite holiday and why. Christmas for sure – It’s always such a joyful and fun time to spend with close family and friends.

Most used app on your phone: Flipboard

If you could have one super power what would it be?: The ability to fly would be the ultimate super power.