How to prevent your home and/or business from being a copper thief

With the value of copper on the rise, so too are the number of copper theft occurrences from businesses and homes.  Thieves are not only targeting stock items, such as scrap metal on construction sites, but also installed copper.

The following items on your property may be of value to a thief targeting copper:  copper coils in air conditioning units, copper plumbing & wiring, gutter and flashings that may contain copper, and even copper roofing!

The increase in copper theft occurs periodically when the price of scrap metal increases. According to the United States Department of Energy, scrap metal theft has risen to over $1 billion/ year.

With families traveling over the holidays and business being closed, it is even more critical to take precaution when it comes to securing your home and/or business. 

Please consider taking the following preventative measures to help decrease the likelihood of your home being a target for copper theft:

Secure the perimeter of your home or business – Door locks, quality fencing and gates, as well as well-lit areas remain the most effective perimeter controls.

Visual barriers are recommended to be placed around equipment to reduce visibility

If copper equipment is located on your roof, remove all unnecessary means of access to the roof

If your business, neighborhood or home has any form of electronic surveillance or entry system be sure that this is monitored and is not being abused (i.e. tailgating into neighborhoods, following employees into card swipe access only areas, etc.)

Whether you are home or away for the holidays, these preventative measures should be considered by all home and business owners year round.