How to save money when adding a teen driver to your auto insurance policy

Recently a McGriff-Williams client contacted us about adding three, yes – count them, THREE teenage drivers to their auto insurance policy. With triplets turning 16, they were a little nervous about what this might mean for their auto insurance premium. Although their premium will increase significantly, we were able to provide them with some money saving options.

How to save when adding young drivers to your auto insurance:             

1) Good student discount: Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are often eligible for a discount with most auto insurance providers. 

2) Trained driver discount: Young drivers that have successfully completed a driver’s education course, or have completed a driving course through a certified program, may be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance.

3) Occasional driver discount: You may be eligible for this discount with some auto insurance carriers if the teen driver shares a car with their parent(s) and therefore only “occasionally” drives the car.

4) Student away discount: If your child is attending a college over 100 miles away from home and does not bring a car with them, they may be eligible for a student away from home discount with some auto insurance providers.