Save on homeowners insurance with wind mitigation discounts

In order for your home to qualify for a hurricane/wind premium discount, a wind mitigation inspection is required for homes built prior to 2002. Homes built in 2002 or after were required to meet roofing regulations by building code, and therefore automatically receive wind mitigation credits. Most wind mitigation credits in North Central Florida are a result of the roof shape, nail pattern of secured shingles, hurricane clips/straps that secure the roof to the structure walls, and water resistant barriers to prevent water damage in a storm.  There are also credits for wind resistant glass and hurricane shutters; however, these are more common in the coastal regions of Florida. If your home was built between 1990 and 2002, your home is likely to have some features that qualify for wind mitigation credits; however, you must have a wind mitigation inspection in order to verify what features your home has to determine the discount your home is eligible for.

Not all homes have wind mitigation features if they were built prior to 2002. Wind mitigation inspections typically cost between $85 and $150.  If your home was built prior to 1990, it is likely (but not guaranteed) that there will be minimal to no wind mitigation features, unless the roof has been replaced, including the trusses.

Wind resistive construction features that are considered when your property is being inspected for wind mitigation credits include:

  •  Secure roof shingles and roof coverings that meet the Florida Building Code requirements
  • Roof decking secured with larger nails or screws closer together
  • Hurricane clips/straps that secure the roof to the supporting walls
  • Window protection (i.e. shutters, impact resistant glazing, etc.)
  • Additional water resistant barriers to prevent leakage in the event that the top layer of roofing is damaged.
  • Roof geometry or shape of roof