Tune Up Your Auto Insurance Before Your Next Roadtrip

When we get in our cars and hit the highway for a road trip we are often excited, but unfortunately sometimes we are unprepared.  It’s great to remember to fill up and check your tires and oil, but there are a few other items you can do to reduce your risk while on the road.

“Tuning up” your auto insurance coverage is often overlooked before hitting the road. To help minimize risk on the road, consider doing the following:

1)      Check your auto insurance limits

More driving means you are at a higher risk of being involved in an automobile accident. So if you are you plan on increasing your time on the road, consider increasing your auto insurance limits as well. We recommend consulting with your insurance agent for their expert advice.

2)      If possible, add “Roadside Assistance” to your current coverage plan.

Roadside Assistance offers 24/7 emergency assistance when your vehicles. Services may include fluid delivery, tire change, battery jump, lockout assistance and towing. Keep in mind, only select auto insurance companies offer this additional coverage.

3)      If they are not already insured, consider adding or increasing coverage on any recreation vehicles you may be use while on the road.

Recreational vehicles may include, but is not limited to travel trailers, boats, jet skis, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf carts, etc.

4)      Consider purchasing a Personal Umbrella Policy for additional coverage

A Personal Umbrella Policy serves as a secondary liability policy that provides additional coverage above and beyond the limits of your personal auto insurance and is designed to help protect you and your assets from major claims and lawsuits.

*NOTE: Keep in mind your personal property is covered by your home or renters insurance policies, so if you do not have either of these types of policies, your personal items may not be covered in the event that they are stolen or damaged.

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