Words of Wisdom

With the start of a new year comes many new aspirations and goals, some of which may be more difficult to commit to long term than others. Rather than set a specific goal, the McGriff-Williams team was challenged to individually think of a word to represent their hopes for new year. The word could be more personal or profession, it could be something to achieve or a quality to improve – the ┬áconcept was broad, but the general concept was that the word be their focal point for the year ahead.

The one word idea was shared by author Jon Gordon, in a post about The Power of One Word. Jon shared how he and his family used this practice and explained how it also has the ability to impact businesses, schools, teams, professionals, etc.

In an effort to remind ourselves and our team, as well as to support one another, we will be displaying our words in our office throughout the year.

Shown below are some of the words we picked. What word will you choose for the year ahead? We challenge you, your family, friends and colleagues to join us in the one word challenge.

2016 Words