Commercial auto is whole different animal than personal auto when it comes to insurance. And when you’re trusting employees to drive a vehicle owned by your company, and increasing your risk by your fleet being out on the roads, you need to be sure you’re comfortable and confident in your insurance coverage.

A commercial auto policy covers vehicles that are owned, leased, hired or borrowed for business use. The coverage limits and deductibles can vary quite a bit, based on the size of the company, fleet, staff and needs of the business.

But if a vehicle is titled in your company name, driven to/from work related sites, used for work errands, or driven by employees during business hours… you need a commercial auto policy. Even some personal auto policies need a “business use” endorsement if used for work related tasks and we strongly advise that your employees do not drive their personal vehicles to or on a jobsite.

Auto accidents can add up very quickly, between vehicle/property damage and liability for injuries, so PLEASE don’t find yourself inadequately covered.

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