“Thinking Out Loud” about last night’s Grammy Awards and tomorrow’s “Random Acts of Kindness Day”

It probably wasn’t terribly shocking to many that Taylor Swift’s “1989” won album of the year. Or that Ed Sheeran’s hugely popular song “Thinking Out Loud” took song of the year. Meghan Trainor was a well-deserving recipient of best new artist and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk swept record of the year. These are just a few of the gold trophies that went out in last night’s ceremony for the 2016 Grammys.

Awards make people feel a certain kind of way. It’s important in today’s world to recognize and encourage success. Good people doing good things. McGriff-Williams has been honored to accept many awards of our own that we’re very proud of and motivated by.

best insurance GainesvilleAmerica’s Best Independent Agency to Work For Insurance Journal

Tower Tier Award Tower Hill Insurance for personal lines production

Platinum Agency Award ASI & Progressive Insurance (less than 2% of agencies receive this award)

Florida Blue Award for Top 5 agency in the northeast region for Medicare supplement sales and Top 10 in the northeast region for individual under 65 plan sales

Florida Blue Award for Top 15 agency overall in the state of Florida

“Witness Greatness” was the takeaway message from last night’s show. We feel confident that’s exactly what will happen with random acts of kindness happening tomorrow too. We appreciate the loyalty of our clients over the past 33 years and are grateful for the various acknowledgments we’ve earned.

We challenge you to share your admiration of others, especially tomorrow, and hand out your own awards…. Whether it’s a smile for a stranger, picking up the coffee tab for the car behind you or sending a handwritten note to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. We all need to recognize and reward good people doing good things.

What Florida Home Buyers Need To Know About Hurricane Season


Insurance companies can suspend home insurance policy binding when a named storm approaches the area.

Florida insurance companies are permitted to suspend the binding (which is simply the final process of securing coverage) of home insurance policies a few days prior to a storm approaching and continue to not allow securing coverage until after (even a few days after) the storm has passed.  Named storms are not limited to hurricanes, and can include tropical storms, etc.  There are no set rules on when Florida home insurance companies are permitted to suspend the ability to secure coverage and the decision is made by each company individually; therefore, one company may suspend limit securing home insurance coverage to 5 days out, while another company may allow home buyers to secure coverage 3 days out.

buy home in gainesville fl

What if I’m purchasing a home and my closing is during this time?  If your insurance has not been finalized prior to the time of suspension your closing may be delayed.

How can I prevent delaying the closing process? Confirm with your insurance agent that all information has been provided and the application has been completed (i.e. signed, etc.). Take action early – Do NOT wait until the last minute to purchase home insurance during hurricane season.

What happens if there is a suspension during the time of my closing, but I completed the application process prior to suspension? If all documents were submitted to your agent prior to suspension, but the date of closing is during the suspension, your coverage will still be put in place on the date stated on the insurance application paperwork.

Why do Florida home insurance companies suspend the ability to secure coverage when a named storm approaches? Florida homeowners insurance companies have implemented their authority to suspend the ability to secure coverage in order to prevent home owners from attempting to secure insurance only during times they see as an immediate threat.


Let’s look at an example:

Assume you are purchasing a house in Florida and your closing is the last day of the month. A week prior the news is broadcasting about a storm that may potentially affect the state. You’ve received a quote for your home insurance but have not yet contacted your agent to secure the policy. Insurance companies tend to suspend binding as the storm approaches the state. Since there is no set rule as to when these suspensions are put in place, it’s best to contact your agent if there’s a chance of the storm approaching and your closing is in the near future.

If you wait until the storm reaches the Florida coast, it’s possible that you will be unable to obtain insurance, thus delaying your closing.

2015 Spring Parade of Homes


BANCF_Logo-square-webThe Builder’s Association of North Central Florida (BANCF) does a wonderful job of organizing to Parade of Homes in Gainesville and surrounding areas (Alachua, Newberry, etc.) With all the new construction popping up in Alachua County, in particular residential construction (home building), it’s no surprise the Parade has almost 30 homes participating this year. Some of the newest developments in Gainesville will be featuring homes, such as Oakmont and Finley Woods.

Below is a list of the communities and builders participating in the parade, as well as the address of the homes. The digital version of the official Spring Parade of Homes guide for 2015 can be found here.

The Parade of homes will take place Saturday, April 11th – Sunday, April 12th and Saturday, April 18th – Sunday, April 19th  from noon to 6:00 pm on both weekends.

Please note, the list below is in alphabetical order by community. We recommend referring to the 2015 Spring Parade of Homes map for guidance on location and planning out your route. 


Bailey Estates in High Springs

Bailey Estates

19113 NW 228th Street in High Springs

Ellis Park


9939 NW 19th Road

Finley Woods

Norfleet Homes

6265 SW 50th Way

Tommy Williams Homes

4963 SW 63rd Lane


Spain & Cooper Homes

4029 NW 63rd Street

Warrington Homes

 4074 NW 63rd Street

Hailey Forest Condominiums

Hailey Group

4651 SW 48th Drive, #144


Pridgen Homes

1252 NW 50th Drive

Longleaf Village


7845 SW 79th Drive


Hartley Brothers

15521 NW 136th Terrace in Alachua


Arthur Rutenberg Homes

2835 SW 117th Street

Barry Bullard Homes

2762 SW 117th Street

ICI Homes (2)

2724 SW 117th Street

2723 SW 188th Terrace

Jeffrey M. Wilde Builder (2)

2808 SW 117th Street

3223 SW 115th Terrace

Tommy Waters Custom Homes (2)

3215 SW 115th Terrace

2836 SW 117th Street

Tommy Williams Homes

2817 SW 188th Drive

Oak Ridge

Howe Development Corporation

 16685 NW 193rd Terrace in High Springs

Old Oak Estates

Huish Homes

19118 NW 41st Road in Newberry

Savannah Station

Fletcher Construction

16228 NW 121st Lane


Emmer Development

 2286 NW 51st Avenue

South Pointe

New Generation Home Builders

 11949 NW 13th Road

Town of Tioga

Dibros Corporation

691 SW 136th Street

Pridgen Homes

773 SW 135th Way

Turnberry Lake

G.W. Robinson Homes

 13718 NW 30th Road

2808 NW 137th Terrace

13668 NW 30th Road

Wilds Plantation

Warring Homes

10428 SW 41st Avenue

Wyndswept Hills

Hartley Brothers

15237 NW 149th Road in Alachua



McGriff-Williams Supports Davidson Cares

Referral Program For Davidson Realty Realtors


How does it work? It’s simple: If you’re a Davidson Realtor and you refer an individual to our agency for an insurance quote we will donate $10 to Davidson Cares.

Davidson Cares

The Details You cannot provide us with the contact information of the referred individual(s), but rather they must contact us at (352)371-7977 or by email. If you have a preferred agent you work with, please feel free to provide your client with his/her information, otherwise they can email quote@mcgriffwilliams.com.

You can rest assured we ask each person that contacts our agency for a quote where they heard of us.

Please know that donations are not contingent on whether or not the policy is written. We are grateful to have an opportunity to provide a quote, and appreciate you recommending McGriff-Williams Insurance.

Have questions about the program? Contact McGriff-Williams Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlin Gertner (kaitlin@mcgriffwilliams.com).

Home Insurance Rates Gainesville, FL

The below charts show average home insurance rates for homes in Gainesville, Florida. Please keep in mind these rates are estimates for owner occupied (primary residences) in Alachua County ONLY and may vary by company, property and/or by owner. These rates do not apply to mobile homes or rental properties.

“Red flag” items are listed below each chart. These items may increase the cost of the insurance coverage or make the home unable to insure.

Home insurance rates Gainesville, FL as of January 2015



High value home insurance rates Gainesville, FL as of January 2015