Auto Insurance When It’s Not Your Car

In most instances, borrowing a car or renting, your auto insurance will follow a vehicle rather than a driver.

Rented Vehicle

Typically, the insurance you obtain for your personal vehicle will carry over to a rental car. Seems easy enough, but there are some stipulations to this rule. The rental vehicle cannot be used for business. In order for your coverage to carry over the rented vehicle must be used for 30 days or less and inside the United States. Only coverage that you currently have carries over. If you have no comprehensive and collision coverage then you’re left without it on the rental car. Knowing this information can save you a lot of money. You can get away with not purchasing extra insurance in some cases.


Borrowed Vehicle

Say that you have a friend who needs to borrow your vehicle to run errands or move. If they have your permission to use the vehicle then your auto insurance will follow the vehicle and transfer to them. They cannot be previously excluded from your insurance in order for the transfer to work.

Make sure to check your policy as these rules can vary. If you need more information feel free to give us a call today, 352-371-7977.


“Thinking Out Loud” about last night’s Grammy Awards and tomorrow’s “Random Acts of Kindness Day”

It probably wasn’t terribly shocking to many that Taylor Swift’s “1989” won album of the year. Or that Ed Sheeran’s hugely popular song “Thinking Out Loud” took song of the year. Meghan Trainor was a well-deserving recipient of best new artist and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk swept record of the year. These are just a few of the gold trophies that went out in last night’s ceremony for the 2016 Grammys.

Awards make people feel a certain kind of way. It’s important in today’s world to recognize and encourage success. Good people doing good things. McGriff-Williams has been honored to accept many awards of our own that we’re very proud of and motivated by.

best insurance GainesvilleAmerica’s Best Independent Agency to Work For Insurance Journal

Tower Tier Award Tower Hill Insurance for personal lines production

Platinum Agency Award ASI & Progressive Insurance (less than 2% of agencies receive this award)

Florida Blue Award for Top 5 agency in the northeast region for Medicare supplement sales and Top 10 in the northeast region for individual under 65 plan sales

Florida Blue Award for Top 15 agency overall in the state of Florida

“Witness Greatness” was the takeaway message from last night’s show. We feel confident that’s exactly what will happen with random acts of kindness happening tomorrow too. We appreciate the loyalty of our clients over the past 33 years and are grateful for the various acknowledgments we’ve earned.

We challenge you to share your admiration of others, especially tomorrow, and hand out your own awards…. Whether it’s a smile for a stranger, picking up the coffee tab for the car behind you or sending a handwritten note to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. We all need to recognize and reward good people doing good things.

Words of Wisdom

With the start of a new year comes many new aspirations and goals, some of which may be more difficult to commit to long term than others. Rather than set a specific goal, the McGriff-Williams team was challenged to individually think of a word to represent their hopes for new year. The word could be more personal or profession, it could be something to achieve or a quality to improve – the  concept was broad, but the general concept was that the word be their focal point for the year ahead.

The one word idea was shared by author Jon Gordon, in a post about The Power of One Word. Jon shared how he and his family used this practice and explained how it also has the ability to impact businesses, schools, teams, professionals, etc.

In an effort to remind ourselves and our team, as well as to support one another, we will be displaying our words in our office throughout the year.

Shown below are some of the words we picked. What word will you choose for the year ahead? We challenge you, your family, friends and colleagues to join us in the one word challenge.

2016 Words

McGriff-Williams Welcomes Terry Sprague & Nick Deas

Get to know Terry

Accountant, Terry Sprague (left) & Financial insurance Advisor, Nick Deas (right)
Accountant, Terry Sprague (left) & Financial insurance Advisor, Nick Deas (right)

Terry, originally from Port Orange, FL, recently joined the McGriff-Williams team and aspires to help achieve the agency’s financial needs and goals as the in-house Accountant.

Q&A with Terry Sprague:

Tell us a little about your background. I attended Florida Southern College where I graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing.

How long have you been in the Gainesville area? My husband Chuck and I have lived in Gainesville for close to 20 years and have raised our daughter and son, Erin and Christopher, here.

If you had to use one word to describe yourself what would it be? Dependable

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work? I enjoy Gator functions with my family, as well as going to the beach.

What’s something on your bucket list? To own a beach house and to take an Alaskan cruise.

Get to know Nick

Nick joined the McGriff-Williams team at the start of 2016 and brings with him an extensive background and knowledge about life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance. The agency’s decision to add life insurance to the existing products (home, auto, business and health insurance), is to create a more well-rounded offering and convenience for clients and future clients.

Q&A with Nick Deas:

Tell us a little about your background. I attended the University of Florida where I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration with a Finance Major. I graduated in 2002 and am a third generation Gator. After completing my degree I returned to my hometown (Miami, FL) where I began my career in the financial services industry.

How long have you been in the Gainesville area? In 2011, I returned to Gainesville and have been here ever since with my wife Dari and our daughter Reagan and son Ryan.

If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be? Organized

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work? My wife and I enjoy spending time playing with our children and enjoy watching Gator football as well.

What is your goal as the Financial Insurance Advisor for McGriff-WIlliams Insurance? To treat every client like I would my mother.

What’s something on your bucket list? To travel to England, France, Italy and Greece.


Life Insurance in Gainesville, FL – McGriff-Williams has you covered!

With a 30+ year reputation for quality home, auto and business insurance products, it was a natural fit to add health insurance to the McGriff-Williams’ line of products in May of 2014. In order to provide our customers with the most well-rounded insurance offerings it was only a matter of time before we knew we wanted to add life insurance as well.

As of January 2016 McGriff-WIlliams is excited to announce that our agency will now offer an array of life insurance products (term and whole life insurance) as well as disability insurance and long-term care. It is our hope that these added products and the expertise of Financial Insurance Advisor, Nick Deas, is a convenience for our current clients, as well as future clients.Nick Deas

Nick began his financial insurance career in 2002 after completing his Bachelors in Business Administration with a Finance Major from the University of Florida. Nick is a third generation Gator, and while his career in the financial insurance industry began in his hometown of Miami, FL, he and his wife Dari relocated back to Gainesville in 2011, which is where they now call home with their daughter Reagan and son Ryan.

As a member of the McGriff-Williams team, Nick strives to maintain the goal of “treating every client like he would treat his mother,” a lesson he was taught early on in his career.

Have questions about life, disability or long term care insurance? Contact Nick by email at or call (352)371-7977