“Run Your Day The Intentional Way”

THEME. By definition, it is “the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person’s thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.” In our situation, it’s what we want as our personal and professional priority for this year. It’s our compass. It’s what we want every decision to be guided by and a focus that everyone on our team keeps at the forefront of their minds at all times.

INTENTIONAL. By definition, it is “done on purpose; deliberate.” It takes thought, effort, and strategy. It means you are purposeful in every word and action. It takes engagement and belief in both the process and the end result.

We, as a company, were challenged to come up with a “theme” for 2020. We’re making some changes and shifting some things we do as an organization and wanted this theme to kick off some really exciting things for our future as a company. So, we tapped into the best resource of all… our people. We involved everyone on our team to participate and contribute ideas to get to our theme. We talked a lot about focusing on the core values our company has always lived by. We want to make them a top priority and shift our minds back to what’s truly important, rather than just getting caught up in a busy routine and going through the motions day in and day out. We discussed how if you don’t run your day, your day will run you. So… drumroll… we are proud to reveal our 2020 theme: “RUN YOUR DAY THE INTENTIONAL WAY.”

Intentionality can be accomplished in many ways. Here is how we are striving to be intentional rather than accidental:

• The way we show appreciation to our staff and foster our culture
• How we treat our clients and the guidance we provide them
• Taking a holistic approach to their individual situation and exposure
• Getting creative with solutions to problems some may not even know exist
• Who we partner and do business with

Running your day the intentional way starts with the second your eyes open in the morning (side note: it helps to have coffee) and your feet hit the floor. Your attitude and intentions can set the tone for the rest of the day, week, month, and year. We plan to give everything we’ve got to stick to our goals and support eachother throughout this year to really do things on purpose with purpose. Join us! Go choose a word, a resolution, a theme… and run your day the intentional way!

79% of people that quit their job said it was due to “lack of appreciation”?!

If you’re a business owner or HR professional that cares about your staff and employee retention, this is something you don’t want to miss. The need for good company culture and employee retention are at an all-time high for businesses operating smoothly. You may not see anything wrong with your culture or the perks you provide for employees from your perspective, but be sure you stand in their shoes when thinking about what you can offer them to make their lives easier.

Often times, companies provide perks such as office snacks in the kitchen or a gym membership. Let’s say someone is dieting and they only have time for at-home workout programs that they can do in the morning before the kids wake up. Those so-called “perks” mean nothing to them. Yes, it’s the thought that counts but it’s ineffective. There are tons of other examples of perks that can be offered but it’s merely impossible to personalize them to every individual based on their needs. Unless… drumroll, please… You let them create their own perk. Tada!
What if you gave your employees the freedom and ability to choose how they’d like to receive benefits? Maybe Susan has been wanting to take her grandkids to Disney World but can’t afford the tickets. What if Jared hasn’t been able to visit his family in Oregon in three years because flights are so expensive? And about that gym membership idea… it’s brilliant to encourage health and wellness but for Maria that can’t make it to the local gym during the day, she can get an online workout program or a Peloton to exercise at home once she picks the kids up from school. There are so many options that can be tailored to each person to be a true benefit to them and make their life easier. Here are more examples:

• Student loan payment
• Personal or professional development
• Childcare/babysitting
• Dry cleaning
• Vacation
• Cell phone bill
• Financial Advisor/wellness
• Charitable giving
• Pet insurance/care
• Technology

There’s a company called Compt that saw the need for this and provided a solution. It’s essentially a lifestyle spending account or an employee “allowance”, if you will. You decide how much you can afford to give each employee per year as well as what categories or spending they can do. Then they spend the money, submit their receipts & get reimbursed. Easy as pie! (Except pie is actually kind of hard to make… this really is easy, promise.)
The idea is genius and the execution is simple. And the end result is that you get to keep your good employees around long-term and prove to them how valued they are. According to the Employee Engagement Report of 2019, employees who don’t feel valued at work are 34% more likely to leave their companies. And 79% of people that did quit their job said it was due to “lack of appreciation”. Don’t be part of that statistic. Now go show some love!

Prevent your next HR nightmare!

Think you don’t need an Employee Handbook or that yours is sufficient as is? Think again. It is extremely important to keep a current Employee Handbook.

Some misconceptions of business owners or HR directors may be:
• No time or resources
• It’s too much work
• Afraid we’ll miss important compliance/law changes
• Not a company priority
• Don’t think a Handbook is necessary for our business
• We’ve already finished our updates this year

Your Handbook does a lot for you that shouldn’t be overlooked, such as:
• It tells your story and you have the opportunity to be a really great narrator
• It sets the tone for your company culture and clearly communicates the mutual expectations with your employees
• It explains your purpose, your why and your how
• It defines and explains the benefits you offer to your staff, adding value and morale to your operation
• Your openness and transparency will go a lot further than you might expect
• Delivers brand or information change promptly and efficiently

There could be substantial consequences of not having an accurate, up-to-date Handbook:
• Your exposure to legal action being taken against you
• Missing or inaccurate information is misleading
• Employees may not feel comfortable going to management when they should be able to refer to the Handbook to avoid feeling hesitant
• Staff will not feel confident if there’s a lack of guidance and support from their leadership
• Changes in state/federal laws that affect your policies will be overlooked
• Harassment and discrimination issues could be avoided

As always, if there are ways we can help with your Employee Handbook or implementation of it, please contact us any time at (352)371-7977 or info@mcgriffwilliams.com.

The IRS Holiday Gift to Large Employer Health Plans

The IRS has an early holiday gift for employers, on November 29, 2018, the IRS released an extension for large employers to file the 2018 Form 1095-C or 1095-B under the Affordable Care Act requirements. The agency has pushed back a critical Affordable Care Act (ACA) deadline for the fourth year in a row.  The forms, which outline employer-provided medical benefits, must be submitted annually by businesses with 50 or more full-time workers. The IRS uses these reports to track employer compliance.
-The deadline for furnishing 2018 Form 1095-C, or Form 1095-B, if applicable, to employees and individuals is March 4, 2019 (extended from January 31, 2019).

-The deadline for filing copies of the 2018 Forms 1095-C, along with transmittal Form 1094-C (or copies of Forms 1095-B with transmittal Form 1094-B), if applicable, remains unchanged:

-If filing by paper, February 28, 2019.

-If filing electronically, April 1, 2019.

The extended due date applies automatically so employers do not need to make individual requests for the extension.