Insurance after Sinkhole Damage

Living in Florida (especially north and central) means that you could be at risk for sinkhole damage to your home. If your home was previously damaged because of a sinkhole you may find it harder to insure. Consider these questions and their answers before seeking coverage.

The first question you’ll need answered is: are homes with prior sinkhole damage even insurable? The short answer is: it depends. Each situation is different. If your home has been repaired there is a chance of obtaining home insurance again. During the buying process it is important to know whether a previous owner filed an insurance claim and used the money entirely for repairs or if only a part of the settlement was used.

Other questions you should consider and get answers to.

  1. Was the damage caused by sinkhole or just natural settling?
    1. The difference between settling and sinkhole damage can be easy to tell. While sinkhole damage can appear and become disastrous quickly, settling damage usually appears over a long period of time. If you live somewhere where the bedrock is not limestone or there is no salt-based rock then you are most likely dealing with settling. If you find hairline cracks in the walls of your home and live in an area where the
  2. When did the damage happen?
  3. What was the method of repair? Was any cosmetic work done to the house?
  4. Was an engineering report done on the house, if so can you get a copy of the report?
  5. Was an insurance claim filed and was damage was paid by the insurance company?

Once you have gathered all of this information call our office, 352-371-7977, and we can discuss your options for securing insurance.