McGriff-Williams Insurance partners with Trimark Properties

McGriff-Williams Insurance is proud to announce our partnership as a preferred insurance provider for Trimark property tenants.

Trimark Properties offers the closest rentals to the University of Florida, with over twenty-five housing options all within walking distance to campus. The Apartments in Gainesville, FL that Trimark has to offer range from affordable multi-family dwellings to luxury properties. With a multitude of floorplans to choose from and at a variety of price ranges, Trimark is one of the most knowledgeable property management companies in Gainesville.

Managing Partner of Trimark Properties, John Fleming, said the following about McGriff-Williams Insurance:

“We’ve been using McGriff-Williams for our business insurance policies for several years, and they have been a great partner. They’ve been able to design custom policies that fit our individual needs, and they were a natural choice when we were looking for a company to recommend to our tenants.”

5 Tips for Protecting your Home While on Vacation

Before heading out the door for vacation you often double and even triple check to make sure you have everything packed that you may need while you’re away. However, is your home properly prepared for the time you will be away?

We recommend you take some extra time to check off a few household items before departing.

Here are 5 tips to help make sure your home is just as you left it when you return from your trip:

1) Don’t advertise that you will be on vacation, whether it be while at a social gathering or on-line. Although it is fun to share photos while you are away and keep friends and family up to date about your vacation, save the social media sharing for when you return and don’t advertise it on your answering machine either.

2) Make sure all entrances to your house are secured. Shut and lock all windows, doors and deadbolts. Also, if you have an alarm system, be sure to activate it for the time you will be away.

3) Ask a trusted neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your home.  Request that they also look inside to make sure that things appear to be safe and sound.  If they don’t mind bringing your newspaper and mail in as well, that’s never a bad idea either. Some neighbors are even nice enough to periodically park their car in their absent neighbor’s driveway, so it appears as if someone is home.

4) Putting your lights on a timer can create the appearance that your home is not vacant. Some vacationers even go as far as putting their television and/or radio on a timer as well at a noise level loud enough to be heard by potential intruders. Also, it is recommended that you turn the volume on your phones and answering machines down, or possibly even forward your calls while you are away.

5) Lastly, turn off your water and any unnecessary electronics to eliminate the potential chance for any water damage or possible fire hazards.