How will the new heat protection protocols in Florida impact your business?

Just in time for a hot summer that’s quickly approaching, Governor DeSantis signed into law the Employment Regulations Bill 433. Part of this bill prohibits local governments, at the city and county levels, from having their own heat protection guidelines – in an effort for everyone in the state to abide by the same rules.

There has been controversy over this bill, since it’s widely supported by business groups across the state but also strongly opposed by worker advocacy groups. It became an issue in need of change and clarity after a situation with the Miami-Dade County Commission. They considered an ordinance that would require construction and agricultural firms to ensure access to water and 10-minute shade breaks every two hours if the heat index was over 95 degrees.

The basis of this bill is to keep guidelines consistent across the state but also because it is believed that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has developed the best practices to follow over the years.

Since 2010, heat related deaths have risen 95% so the effort to streamline these protocols maintains the same goal… to prevent heat related illness at all costs and keep all workers and Florida residents safe.

If you’re a business owner or administrator and don’t currently have heat illness prevention as part of your safety plan, it is recommended and more information can be found here.