I hit a deer. Is the damage to my car covered by auto insurance?

It’s more common than you would expect to inadvertently hit a deer while driving your car.  The damage caused by hitting a deer with your automobile can be extensive and costly.

If you have comprehensive coverage included in your auto insurance policy, it would apply in the event that your automobile is damaged as a result of hitting a deer, or other type of animal. Comprehensive coverage is not required in the state of Florida so many people do not carry it or remove it as their vehicle ages and loses value. However, if you do not own your car out right, your lender will likely require you to possess comprehensive coverage.

If you do not have comprehensive coverage, the damage to your car resulting from contact made with a deer (or other animal) would not be covered by your insurance, and would be your financial responsibility to repair the car, if you chose to do so.

Keep in mind, claims filed under comprehensive coverage do not put points on your license or increase your insurance premium.

Other items covered under comprehensive coverage include events other than a collision, such as:  damages from fire, theft, windstorm, flood, falling objects, vandalism, or if your vehicle is stolen.