5 Ways to Save on Florida Auto Insurance

Looking to save money on your auto insurance? Although not all companies offer the same discounts, here are some opportunities to save that may be worth inquiring about next time you speak with your insurance provider.

1) Homeowners discount: Some companies may offer the option to bundle your home and auto insurance, but because the Florida home insurance market is more limited and there are less companies that offer both home and auto coverage, bundling is not always an option. However, even if your home and auto insurance are with different companies, many auto insurers will offer a small discount if you are a home owner.

2) Multi-vehicle discount: If you and your spouse or children share a policy that has multiple vehicles on it, you may qualify for a discount with your insurance provider.

3) Good student: Depending on the criteria of your auto insurance company, if you are a licensed driver on the policy and can provide proof of a minimum GPA requirement (as determined by the company), you may be eligible for a discount.

4) Safe driver: If you have gone multiple years without a moving violation or an at fault accident, you may be eligible for a discount. The number of years required to qualify for the discount may differ depending on the company.

5) Occasional use: If you have a vehicle insured that you utilize infrequently and put a limited amount of miles on it per year, you may be able to decrease your premium cost for that particular car. The minimum annual mileage requirement may differ by company.

While these items may save you a little here and there, and may not qualify with all companies, we highly recommend you talk to your insurance agent to find out what other discounts are available. Some companies offer discounts based on your driving habits, which can be monitored with a device, and others offer savings for choosing an electronic policy rather than paper, in an effort to go green. Whatever discounts you qualify for, and no matter what company we choose. We recommend you contact your agent to find out more.