Reaching Out with Referrals

Referral Program For Real Estate Professionals

McGriff-WIlliams is Reaching Out with Referrals in an effort to give back to Gainesville. We care about our community and want to do more AND thank you for recommending our services. We greatly appreciate the growing relationships we have established with realtors and lenders in town and we want to support your community giving efforts.To show our appreciation we will be donating to various non-profits in return for each and every referral.

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    How does it work? It’s simple: If you refer an individual to our agency for an insurance quote we will donate $10 to one of the following non-profit organizations:

    The Details You cannot provide us with the contact information of the referred individual(s), but rather they must contact us at (352)371-7977 or by email. If you have a preferred agent you work with, please feel free to provide your client with his/her information, otherwise they can email [email protected].  You can rest assured we ask each person that contacts our agency for a quote where they heard of us. If they simply say their realtor or lender, we’ll inquire who. As we receive referrals from your clients we will be reaching back out to you to thank you and ask where you would like your donation to be directed. You may choose to select one non-profit for all of 2015 or change it up. Please know that donations are not contingent on whether or not the policy is written. We are grateful to have an opportunity to provide a quote, and appreciate you recommending McGriff-Williams Insurance.

    Have questions or suggestions for how to improve the program? Contact McGriff-Williams Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlin Gertner ([email protected]).