Gainesville, FL health insurance agency recognized by Florida Blue

McGriff-Williams Insurance recently received regional and statewide recognition for their sale of Florida Blue health insurance policies in Gainesville, FL.


As an agency, McGriff-Williams Insurance was recognized as one of the top 5 agencies in the northeast region for the sale of Medicare supplements (individuals 65 years of age and above), and as one of the top 15 Florida Blue health insurance agencies in the state of Florida. McGriff-Williams was also ranked within the top 10 in the northeast region for individual health insurance policies for individuals under age sixty-five.

A BIG congratulations to our Health Insurance Advisors, Pat Canty and Travis McGriff, on their individual achievements!

A blue circle with an image of a bag.
McGriff-Williams Health Insurance Advisor, Pat Canty, receiving her award.

Pat Canty, a veteran of the health insurance industry and top performing Florida Blue sales agent, was recognized as the top (#1) sales agent for health insurance policies for individuals over 65 (Medicare supplements) in the northeast region and second in the state of Florida.

Health Insurance Advisor Travis McGriff, was  recognized as the 2nd top sales agent for health insurance policies for individuals over 65 (Medicare supplements) in the northeast region and 5th in the state.

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Lightning in Gainesville, FL

Does my homeowners insurance cover lightning in Florida?

Recent lightning activity in Gainesville, Florida has local homeowners wondering what’s covered under my Florida homeowners’ insurance policy if lightning strikes my house?

The below video taken by a Gainesville, FL resident shows a lightning strike at the Wendy’s off Archer Road.

As seen in the video, lightning is no laughing matter and we highly advise taking the proper safety precautions when a storm of this magnitude approaches.

In regard to your home, more may be protected than you realize. If a fire ignites as a result of a lightning strike, your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage. Additionally, if electrical equipment is damaged due to a surge that results from a lightning strike the replacement of those items is also covered. Many homeowners ask about their air condition, as it is one of the more expensive items that can be damaged during a lightning storm. AC units are covered as well as other items such as televisions, computers, appliances, etc.; however, keep in mind you must still meet your deductible.

Additionally, insurance companies also have access to data about lightning strike locations and timing to verify the validity of such claims. Damage to items as a result of a generic electrical surge are not covered, unless the surge is a result of lightning activity or any other covered peril.