Tips for Conserving Household Energy while Traveling

Heading out of town this winter break? We have some tips to save on energy so you’re not stuck with an enormous electric bill that breaks the bank.


  1. Unplug power-sucking electronics. Even when you are not using your TV or coffee maker it uses energy. Before you leave town unplug these household items so you’re not stuck paying when you’re not home.
  2. Make sure to set your thermostat correctly. We spoke to Cindy LaCoste from Charles Berg Enterprises, and she suggests setting the thermostat to 65 degrees when it’s cold outside. Setting it to this temperature will ensure that the unit doesn’t kick on unless the house reaches below that temperature, which is a rare occurrence in Florida. No use in having a heated home when it’s empty.
  3. Adjust your water heater. Many heaters give the option of a stand by mode. Water is not actively heated while it’s not in use in stand by mode. If this does not exist on your heater your best option is to lower the temperature setting to its lowest point.
  4. Close your shades, shutters, and curtains. By eliminating sunlight spilling into your home you can better regulate the temperature. Regulating the heat this way will also lessen some of the work done by your air conditioning unit.

Keep your wallet and yourself happy by following these tips as you vacation this holiday season.

Take the Stress out of the Holidays

While the holidays are always a good time to spend with family and friends there is always the chance of added stress in your life. In order to keep the holidays fun and stress free we’ve assembled this list of tips to distress.

  1. Make time for yourself. Spending time with others is great, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Even if you’re running errands or just taking some time to relax at home on your own it will help you handle the rush of having family and friends staying with you for the holidays.
  2. Don’t wait to buy gifts. The closer it gets to Christmas the busier stores will be due to everyone getting their last-minute gifts. Beat the rush and don’t risk items being sold out by buying early. As the holidays approach you’ll have more time to relax and less to worry about.
  3. Exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic website, exercise boosts endorphins and acts as a natural stress reliever. Exercise in any form will help reduce stress and help beat holiday weight gain.
  4. Listen to Christmas music. Music acts as a distraction and calm our nerves. According to Psych Central, music decreases stress hormones and lower blood pressure. Most noteworthy, when listening to music you increase productivity. Sing some carols with your family to help with stress.
  5. Have fun! The holidays are a time to enjoy. Don’t let the stress of making the perfect meal or hosting the perfect holiday stress you out and take away from making memories. Do things that make you happy and have a good time!

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