1095 Tax Forms


It’s tax season, and if you’re like most Americans the task of filing your taxes can seem daunting.  Last year we offered advice on how to tackle your taxes. This year we’d like to help out by offering some information about certain tax forms!

1095 Tax Forms

With the Affordable Health Care Act come three forms. 1095A comes straight from the Marketplace to subsidized members.  1095B comes straight from Florida Blue to individual members or small group members.  Members can access these themselves directly on their floridablue.com member sites as well.  Then 1095C forms come from large group employers directly to their employees.

These forms help individuals determine if they are eligible for an additional tax credit or if they will be required to pay.


The form that is relevant for most is the individual form that those with marketplace plans receive. You should have received it by January 31. The form provides information about your coverage so it can be determined if you and your family was covered for the entire year or if there were months without coverage. Only the 1095A forms are required by the IRS to be included with the return due to the subsidy reconciliation.

Some CPAs require their clients to bring the forms in when completing their returns. Some do not. To know for sure contact the individual or company you use to complete your tax return. If you have any additional questions about your health tax forms please call us at 352-371-7977. Don’t forget you only have until April 17, 2018 to file your 2017 tax return!

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