3 Tips for Securing Home Insurance this Hurricane Season

As Hurricane Season begins homeowners and potential new homeowners may be hard pressed to insure homes or modify their coverage during this time. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th each year, and if a storm (could be a hurricane or tropical storm) is named many insurance companies will suspend binding coverage prior to the storm hitting land, as well as after a storm has hit. In order to prevent the delay of closings use these three tips for Home Insurance during hurricane season.

Encourage buyers to purchase their coverage early.

Purchasing Home Insurance should not be the last thing buyers do before a closing. As soon as a contract is entered home buyers should be getting in touch with an insurance agent to secure their home insurance. There are no laws on how soon an insurance company can suspend service once a storm is named so buyers cannot depend on having ample time to get insured. If a closing is during a suspension period but a home buyer completes their application and has all documents submitted to their agent then coverage will be put in place the date stated on the insurance application. Remember to let buyers know about additional coverage they may need to add during this time that isn’t covered under their standard home insurance. For example flood insurance is generally not included. For more information check out our post about flood insurance.

Connect the mortgage company and insurance agent early in the process.

By connecting these two important parts of the home buying process early you can help your buyer begin the process of insuring their home. Many mortgage lenders require insurance so connecting these two parties will help to avoid delays and to encourage buyers to get coverage early. Insurance agents and lenders will also be more aware of the potential for companies to suspend services surrounding the announcement of a storm.

If a storm is approaching and insurance is not in place encourage your buyer to call an insurance agent as soon as possible.

The likelihood of a closing being delayed increases as a buyer waits to obtain their insurance. Once a storm reaches the Florida coast it may be impossible to access insurance. Imagine you have a buyer who’s closing is the last day of the month. A week prior the news is broadcasting about a storm that may potentially affect the state. Your buyer has received a quote for their home insurance but has not contacted their agent to secure the policy. Insurance companies tend to suspend binding as the storm approaches the state. Since there is no set rule as to when these suspensions are put in place it is best to contact the agent as soon as possible in case the storm does affect the state.

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Top 10 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

With pool party season approaching we have some tips to keep you and your  loved ones safe at the pool!

10. Use non-slip materials on the pool deck

9. Check the pool and equipment periodically for cleanliness and good maintenance

8. Keep a first-aid kit poolside and post CPR instructions and learn procedures

7. Establish safety rules for your pool area such as “no diving†and “please walk†and make sure to enforce these rules

6. Make sure you have a barrier around the pool with a self-closing gate (for children and pets)

5. Ensure everyone in your home knows how to swim well

4. Teach children water safety skills as early as possible

3. Always provide adult supervision when the pool is in use; children should never be in the pool without supervision

2. Have young children wear flotation vests or use flotation devices

Our #1 tip for the pool this summer is to have fun while being safe!

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