Top 10 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

With pool party season approaching we have some tips to keep you and your  loved ones safe at the pool!

10. Use non-slip materials on the pool deck

9. Check the pool and equipment periodically for cleanliness and good maintenance

8. Keep a first-aid kit poolside and post CPR instructions and learn procedures

7. Establish safety rules for your pool area such as “no diving†and “please walk†and make sure to enforce these rules

6. Make sure you have a barrier around the pool with a self-closing gate (for children and pets)

5. Ensure everyone in your home knows how to swim well

4. Teach children water safety skills as early as possible

3. Always provide adult supervision when the pool is in use; children should never be in the pool without supervision

2. Have young children wear flotation vests or use flotation devices

Our #1 tip for the pool this summer is to have fun while being safe!

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