What exactly is Other Structures coverage?

Many people question the Other Structures coverage on their homeowner’s policy and don’t fully understand exactly what it is. It’s also referred to as Coverage B since it’s built into the core coverages on a standard HO-3 policy.

Other Structures applies to anything on the property that is not attached to the home itself. Examples of this would be:

• Fences
• Sheds
• Detached garages
• Gazebos
• Chicken coops
• Pump houses
• Pole barns
• Swimming pools (if not attached to the home)

However, there are often times exclusions for hurricane loss to the following if not attached to the dwelling (unless they are constructed with the same material as the main home):

• Awnings
• Aluminum framed screen enclosures/carports
• Solar panels
• Solar water heaters

A popular other structure in Florida, especially after everyone has stayed home more during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a swimming pool. If the pool is attached to the home (even by a connecting patio or screen enclosure), it would be covered under the Dwelling. Otherwise, it’s under Other Structures.

Typically, Other Structures coverage is 2% of the dwelling amount but it can be increased by endorsement with most companies to be sure you have enough. If you don’t have any detached structures on your property, you may question why you have this coverage at all. It is included as part of the policy without additional premium and cannot be fully excluded.

Be sure to evaluate these things on your property as sometimes they can be overlooked but also the things that commonly sustain damage in storms. If you have questions regarding what should be covered, at what value or under which coverage on your homeowner’s policy, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.