Got Clutter? Clean Off Your Desk!

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and it might be time to reevaluate some of your clutter. If you’re like me your desk is easily unorganized. It’s a pile of papers, coffee cups, or any other items that do nothing to enhance your work life. Get 2017 off on a better foot by cleaning off your desk today!

Start with trash

First of all, trash is the easiest stuff to get rid of. Maybe it’s wrappers or notes you wrote about something irrelevant. Recycle what you can for some environmental karma and trash the rest. Are you still looking at December 2016 on your desk calendar? Go ahead and trash it and start your new year.

Organize loose papers

Create folders to help organize loose papers you have. By putting all related materials in the same place you save time searching for what you need. Getting a folder organizer can also help with clutter because it keeps your folders together whether it’s in a drawer or on your desk.

Clean your desk and electronics

Now that you’ve cleared off the desk there’s probably a fair amount of dusting to do. Wipe down your desk, keyboards, computer, phones and anything else on your desk. It will surprise you how much grime your desk items collect over time.

Enjoy your clean desk

Reap the reward of a clean desk and, hopefully, a newfound workflow. You will be organized and ready to take on the year now that your desk isn’t cluttered.

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