When Did Car Repairs Get So Costly?

Does it seem like every time you go in for car repairs the cost goes up? There are several reasons simple repairs, such as replacing a headlight, seems so expensive compared to five or 10 years ago.

New Technology

One reason for increased cost of repairs is a difference in technology used when constructing vehicles. According to Safeco Insurance, one of the most frequently damaged parts of a car is the headlamp. More and more vehicles are switching to adaptive headlights. According to HowStuffWorks.com, many countries are beginning to require vehicles to have these headlights. They enhance visibility with sensors that adjust to bends in the road. The cost of these headlights for repair can be anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 times that of standard headlights.

More Parts

Another factor that increases your repair costs is the number of parts in your vehicle. According to Safeco Insurance, a 2015 Accord LX has approximately 2 times the number of parts that the 1996 vehicle of the same model had. If you get into a wreck or damage your vehicle you may have more to repair. The parts in the vehicle that you have to repair can be expensive.

Don’t be surprised if you own a newer vehicle and repair costs seem more expensive than they did in the past.

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