Pollen Pollen, Go Away! Don’t Come Back Another Day!

Ever walk out to the parking lot and not recognize your car because it’s not the same color you remember? Covered from top to bottom in a lovely shade of yellow? No one likes pollen. It causes terrible allergies and constantly dusts our homes and vehicles.

It’s spring in our area (which often times happens the very next day after a winter freeze) and that’s typically a season most would welcome with open arms… and a box of tissues. It’s when all the pretty flowers bloom and the grass turns green again. But it also means all the plants and trees are releasing their tiny little pollen grains in an effort to fertilize others, causing some drug store visits and lots of cleaning for everyone. Here are some tips on how to combat this pollen apocalypse:


  • Try to rinse your car off every other day, even just with water if you don’t have time to fully wash it. The longer pollen stays on the vehicle, especially with the hot and sunny days we’re having, the worse it bakes into the paint and can cause long term, irreversible damage. Just kicking that dust off daily or every few days can be a big help to prevent the acidity in pollen causing some bad oxidation and staining.
  • Next time you wash your car, use a different sponge for the paint surfaces and the non-paint surfaces such as wheels, chrome and glass.
  • Adding a coat of good wax to serve as a barrier to protect the paint is also a good idea. The only thing to be sure of here is that you wipe it dry right before applying the wax so there is no pollen residue at all that would get worked into the paint.
  • If your allergies are really bad, an interior cleaning or replacing the cabin filters can help with what makes its way inside.


  • Mix up a spray bottle with warm water & a few squirts of dishwashing liquid. These and an old rag can be used for columns, porches, patio furniture, grills/outdoor kitchens, toys, etc.
  • For the actual house itself, you may want to use a pressure washer (even with just water) to knock off the yellow coating.
  • If you’re noticing pollen making its way inside, try to convince the family (again) to leave their shoes at the door and not keep windows or doors open without a screen.
  • If allergies are too much to handle, you can go as far as to empty your vacuum cleaner outside and wear a mask when you dust. May sound crazy but this stuff is no joke!

Allergy Relief:

  • It’s been found that if you don’t like the idea of allergy medication or it doesn’t seem to work, you may find relief in home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, honey, saline rinses, nasal sprays, acupuncture or Vitamin C.

As of this day in late February, the pollen count in Gainesville, Florida is a whopping  10.5 out of 12 and has maintained that unfortunate score for the past few days in a row. It’s expected to be a way of life for the next four months until we shift from spring to the summer heat. Try not to let it hinder your time outdoors and use these tips to reduce your exposure.